Saying goodbye

Last week we had to say goodbye to our bulldog Rolo.

As many pet owners will know, a dog very quickly becomes an important part of the family.

We got Rolo in 2010 as a fourteen week old puppy to be a companion and playmate for our Labrador Roxy.

He was a typical bulldog puppy, stubborn, mischievous but absolutely adorable.

One of the funniest thing he done was getting stuck trying to get into the bath and drink the water while I was running it! Here he is stuck but not caring! Don’t worry we quickly got him out, but this was the start of his love of water!

He loved to play with Roxy and they became very close very quickly.They had four happy years together before we had to say goodbye to Roxy, she was ten years old and very unwell and we made the decision to help her cross the rainbow bridge.

Unfortunately Rolo didn’t cope very well with the loss of Roxy, so we decided to get another dog to join our family. We were hoping that having another dog would help bring Rolo out of his grieving.

After a lot of searching and agonizing we were offered Taz by a friend and he quickly brought Rolo out of his grieving! They became super close very quickly.

They have been together ever since and have been best buddies from the start.

His other best friend include Diva

And Sox ( who he treated like a daughter)

There is Zen and Willow who he adored!

Blue, Becky and Polly

There were many more friends he had both dog and human!

Everyone I know will miss this big bully boy as he had such a huge personality and I feel so very lucky to have had him in my life, the only regret I have is that he won’t be here in person to meet his little brother or sister when they arrive. But at least he got to meet my nephews and nieces and he proved that although he is grumpy looking, he really was just a gentle giant.

So for now goodbye big fella, until we meet again remember that we all love you so much and miss you like crazy!

2 thoughts on “Saying goodbye

  1. Goodnight big boy. You were always very gentle with Jaz and Dandy. You must be playing with Roxy and Jaz now. Two strong females to boss you around. Have fun Rolo xx


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