Let’s go window shopping!! (Donor sperm)

So after going through a few of the sites that was recommended by the fertility clinic we finally found our donor sperm!! Here is how it came about……

We decided both look separately and pick three donors each then get together and choose between the six donors we had picked.

When you first start looking it can be a little overwhelming, there are so many choices and options it feels like you will never get the list down to a manageable size!

I started by looking at the California Cryobank as that seemed to have the largest pool of donors, Jonathan looked at the same site too.

Next I reduced the donor list by requesting donors that were U.K compliant (which means that the sperm meets the legal requirements for the U.K). I then filtered out the CMV positive donors.

CMV (cytomegalovirus) is a virus that most of the population carry, it was explained that only a small number of the population are CMV negative. When having IVF your blood is tested regularly for the CMV virus along with other viruses. Unfortunately CMV can cause birth defects (but it doesn’t in most cases) The fertility clinic reccomended that as I am CMV negative I should choose a negative donor just to reduce the risk of passing on the virus from the positive sperm to the embryo.

After I filtered out the CMV positive donors I found that the list was greatly reduced. I had the choice of around seventeen donors. Now the fun part, I looked for donors with brown eyes, dark hair and olive skin (as this is what Jonathan is) and then looked through the list.

After searching through the donors for about an hour I found my three that I liked and went to compare with Jonathan, we found that we had one donor that we had both picked and after reading all the information that was available we decided that this donor was the one that we would use.

The next step was contacting the fertility clinic and letting them know that we had made a decision and to also book in our appointment to see the doctor to find out what we do now.

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