Final countdown

So the time has come! The final appointment before we start the IVF treatment.

Unfortunately due to ill health Jonathan couldn’t attend this final appointment with me ( I want to point out that both parties need to be present at all appointments normally)

There are a lot of forms to be signed in this last appointment and also a lot of information is thrown at you but I was told not to worry as every step is confirmed and gone over again each time.

I was given a scheduling appointment which was booked a few days after the beginning of my next cycle and was told that I have the all clear to order the donor sperm!

I was then given an information sheet that breaks down the treatment into a handy timeline.

We were told that we would be doing the short protocol. The short protocol involves injecting a hormone called Gonal F which is a follicle stimulating hormone, then after around five days I would start injecting another hormone called Fyremadel which stops your body from releasing the eggs.

I was then prescribed the contraceptive pill and told to start taking it on day one of my next menstrual cycle which was due to be two days before my scheduling appointment.

Next I was told that I could go ahead and order the donor sperm.

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