Tests tests tests

In 2016 we decided that it was the right time for us to go ahead with IVF.

The first thing to do when starting IVF is to have loads of tests done to try and determine where/if a problem exists.

Jonathan had to do a sperm test to check the count and motility.

I had to have numerous blood tests, the first was done straight away, then the next was done on day four of my cycle and day 21. All of this was to test my hormone levels.

After a short wait we went to the GP to get the results, my blood tests showed that everything was within normal parameters which was good news, next was Jonathan’s sperm test results, these showed that he had a low sperm count and motility was less than three percent ( we were told that less than five percent motility was very low ). This would explain why we were having trouble getting pregnant.

We were then advised by the GP that a couple more things needed to be done before our referral to the fertility clinic, I would need to undergo an transvaginal ultrasound and a HSG (hysterosalpingogram). As this is done via the NHS there would be a short wait for these appointments to come through.

So we wait……..

Our journey so far……..

Hello, my name is Devika and this is my blog about mine and my husbands journey through IVF and beyond.

Let me start by telling you a little about myself…….

As I mentioned my name is Devika and my husband is Jonathan, we have been together since 2003 and married since 2009.

We met in sixth form at school and hit it off straight away. Very early on we both knew we wanted to be parents but we’re too young. After a few years we decided to get started on the journey through parenthood so in 2009 we came to the decision that it was the right time for both of us and this is where our story begins…..

So during my teenage years I was on contraception, the Depo Provera injection and when we were ready to start a family I quickly stopped the contraception. We knew that it would take time for my body to adjust back to normal so we just got on with practicing!!!! After about two years we were wondering why nothing was happening and decided to go and see the GP but we came across a problem, I was still registered with my GP where I used to live and Jonathan was registered where he lived (although we were living together).

When I went to see my GP she was happy to run some tests but advised me that it would be a lot easier if we were both registered at the same doctors surgery. I was sent to have some blood tests done and Jonathan was sent (by his GP) to have a sperm test done. My blood tests all came back normal but Jonathan’s sperm test came back as having low motility and low count. We thought about it and decided that we would just keep trying the regular way.

As most people know, life always gets in the way when making plans. Jonathan and I moved home, which meant we were registering at the same GP. Unfortunately Jonathan’s health had started to deteriorate so our plans for starting a family were put on hold, we were only 25 at the time so we thought we had loads of time….

Jonathan has a condition called syringomyelia, which he had to have surgery for, so far he has had four surgeries to try and relieve the symptoms but unfortunately they have not worked, he is slowly becoming less and less mobile which is terrible for him.

Even though Jonathan is getting worse we came to the decision that we wanted to start the fertility journey again, this was two years ago and this is where my blog begins. Stay tuned for the first blog post of the beginning of our treatment!